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A few hours of training may make a difference in your life or your child's life. 

Join our team of professionals for a few hours to get hands-on experience to help you or your child be more aware of their surroundings. While none of us can be with you or your child 100% of the time, we have found that a little common sense training goes a long way. 

Available classes are:

Beginning Hand Gun 101

Intermediate Hand Gun 201

Advanced Shooter Drills 301

Cleaning and maintenance 101

Refuse to be a Victim

LTC Licensing course for Texas

You may come to one of our set classes. Or, if you prefer to host a class in your home, we ask that you contact us directly using the submission box. We will check for available dates and contact your local ranges for qualification reservations.

Or for even more training contact our partners at UP-ARMORED at www.up-armored.org for firearms and personal defense training that is based on YOUR needs, in YOUR environment to protect YOUR interests.

To familiarize yourself with basic safety rules and gun range etiquette, please read some of these amazing and free articles at the following link:


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