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Easyant Coin Holder...

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

If your looking for something “old school” to carry around at your new school, this might be just the trick...

The whole idea of being ready for anything is being ready to defend yourself with anything and everything you have at your disposal.

Most people have only heard about blackjacks, slapjacks, & saps in old movies or old stories. This weapon was actually issued by some police departments back in the day. The idea of this coin holder is basically the same. It is a small conceivable weapon that can be carried and used if needed to defend one’s self. Well, actually it can also be used as an offensive weapon.

“These strange fighting implements were embraced by police officers and gangsters alike and could be found in the pockets of soldiers, sailors, cowboys, miners, duelists, bouncers, bikers, prostitutes, and common folk. They appeared in movies, plays, and literature, and even graced the cover of the very first comic book.”

Striking Distance: Sap and Blackjack Buyer’s Guide;


I actually have carried and used one of these simple tools for years. The one I have was issued by the St. Louis Police Department a long time ago. You’d be pretty hard pressed to find anyone to actually confirm that now, but I can assure you they did and that they work.

The good thing about the one that I’m reviewing is that the actual intent is not a blackjack, slapjack, or sap... It is a coin purse. With that being said, it is completely legal... if used as it is intended... a coin purse...

Now, if I had to use it as a blackjack, slapjack, or sap in the defense of myself or others, could I...?

Absolutely ...! This is a great item to carry in your purse, backpack, just in a pocket, or snapped to your belt. The girls say it’s not very stylish, but I still say... “it can be very handy if needed...”

This one is an affordable one I found on Amazon for about $30. It’s surprisingly well made and useful. About the only thing different about this one compared to more expensive versions is the leather is softer And not as stiff. Which is a plus if you ask me... I carry extra change and assorted coins from other counties in mine, so it goes pretty much wherever I go.

Pros: –    Compact and easily concealable –    Coin purse design makes it less conspicuous as a weapon. –    Flexible handle increases the whipping factor when delivering strikes. –    Economically priced

Cons: –    Flexible handle doesn’t allow for edge strikes or thrusts. –    Lighter than a traditional sap of similar dimensions –    Less consistency in weight

Let us know what you think..

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