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EDC Tactical Pen Reviews ~ The Girls

I wanted to review my favorite EDC (Every Day Carry) item. I don't care if I'm wearing shorts and flip flops or jeans and wedges, this little beauty goes with me everywhere. Why? Because it is easy to carry and serves more than one purpose. I don't always carry a purse. Most of the time I am a phone and car keys kind of girl...but it's stupid to not carry any kind of protective device. So, the tactical pen is my EDC choice.

As you can see, there are a lot of different styles. Let me walk you through the ones pictured so I can explain what I feel are the positives and negatives of each. I definitely have a favorite. Feel free to let me know if you have one you want me to try.

The first pen in the front is a little bulkier than the other three. The segmented grip is more pronounced as well. The top of the pen is not flat like the others, it has a tip on it meant for striking, breaking glass, tearing, etc. There is no removable cap. With a simple twist, the pen lowers and can be used easily. There is a clip on the side that keeps it secure in my back pocket next to my phone even though I am often removing and returning my phone to that same pocket. While this is bulkier, I find that it feels more substantial in my small hands. I like the grip and the sharp point can be used on any attacker. The pen is so easy to access that I find myself using it all the time. You can replace the ink cartridge easily which makes this pen a long time benefit. This is my favorite tactical pen of the 4 styles. I hope it will be yours as well.

The next pen is thinner and has a long grip bar. It has a flat top which the guys like because they can place their thumb on the end when using the pen for self defense. In the cap on position, the pen has a narrow point meant to be used as protection. This point is smooth and not sharp. The clip is very tight and holds well in the pocket. The lid does not pull off easily to get to the pen. The lid requires a half twist and a pull to be removed. If you twist too far, the cartridge comes out. To me, this is one more step than I want to take. I don't want to fight the pen to make it write. However, when you place the cap over the narrow point it does stay nicely.

The third pen has 3 bands of grip. Even in my small hands, I do not find it enough to feel like a have control over the pen. This pen has a small metal tip in the cap on position. This is similar to the point of the first pen but it is not sharp. To remove the cap, you must unscrew it completely. I do not like this extra step. Also, the cap does not stay nicely when placed on the narrow end of the pen. Visually, this pen has a nicer clip than the last pen I wrote about, however, it does not hold as well.

The last pen does not have any grip. It does have a series of grooves. When under stressful situations, I am not sure if that grip will be the most effective with sweaty hands. The metal tip at the end of the pen is very similar to the first pen and it is also sharp. The clip is not particularly tight and may not hold the pen in place. The cap must be completely unscrewed to use the pen and the cap holds on to the narrow end of the pen well. This is my least favorite design.

This is more than you wanted to know about Tactical Pens? I get it. But I know you won't carry something if it isn't useful everyday. The first tactical pen in this list is the real deal. It holds nicely in the hand, it writes well and it is very easy to carry everyday. Carry it in your back pocket like I do, or in a purse, or jacket or bag. But carry it...always.

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