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Outdoor Edge Paraclaw Knife Bracelet

Today I am taking a look at the Outdoor Edge Paraclaw Knife Bracelet. My initial thought was that this is a great idea. I was looking for a small knife-like device that could be carried all the time discretely and easy to deploy in a defensive manner. However, when we had a smaller staff member test it out, she had difficulty getting the device to open and almost ended up cutting herself instead of being able to use it to defend herself. Some may have been user error (ha). However, if you were to use the device you would need to practice and be familiar with its operation.

I still like the idea of a daily wearable knife device, but the double wrapped para-cord makes it a little on the bulky side. It is thick on the wrist and could be uncomfortable for smaller individuals. I understand the reasoning for the extra wrapping. The extra cord can be used to help secure items, etc. The Girls won't like this but I always say, "Its better to have and not need...than it is to need and not have." I'm usually talking about a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, but the idea is the same. I'm just looking for the rapid deployment of a small knife to make someone choose a softer target. If every time you come at me, you get cut or poked I'm pretty sure you'll be looking for someone else to attack. That's all we're trying to instill in people, not to be a victim.

I think it would work if you practiced or possibly modified it slightly. If you have one, let us know your thoughts...

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