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School Shooting Memory ~ The Guys

School Shooting Reality

Unfortunately school shootings are becoming the new reality, with the 15th school shooting of 2019 (as of this post), and 20 years since Columbine, it’s become the new norm. Fortunately there are things you can do to try and avoid becoming one of the statistics. Just as with any other violent action, time & distance are things we can try to get as soon as we see the slightest indication of something wrong. 

I was actually in middle school over 37 years ago before school shootings were a thing. There was a kid in shop class that finally had enough of being bullied by another kid in class. That kid brought his fathers .357 pistol to school and the next time he was harassed by the other kid, he shot him and one other kid...before he shot himself. I wasn’t in the classroom when it happened, but I was just down the hall. Back then it was a fluke, an anomaly that just never happened. They chalked it up to just an extreme case of one person getting even with a bully, it didn’t get publicized too much farther than the local and surrounding communities. So there wasn’t as much sensationalizing of the event. After a few weeks everyone forgot about it and life went on for the rest of us.

I do remember getting out of class early that day and school being closed for a few days after. Back then that was a good thing for me, I didn’t like school much. It was just a necessary thing I did so I didn’t get in trouble with my parents. To them, I remember the whole thing was a big deal, especially that day, they wanted to make sure I was alright. As a kid I didn't think about it much, I didn’t know the other kids involved and like I said, I wasn’t in the classroom when it happened. I was however, down the hall and remember the chaos that ensued after the shots were heard. Kids started screaming and it was almost like every man for himself. Everyone ran down the hall to the nearest exit and then tried to find their teacher. Back then, that was the normal thing to do, get away from the commotion and try to connect back up with your teacher. I really don’t know if that was taught or if that was just instinctively done. 

Nowadays it seems everyone is taught to wait and see what everyone else is going to do. Nobody wants to be that one that overreacts. Sometimes your first response is a valid response.

Run, Hide, Fight is the latest thing being taught by the people “in the know”. It does make sense, “Run” away and get as much space between you and the threat as possible. “Hide” if you can, trying to be unnoticed, and “Fight” only as a last response. The reasoning is because statistically so far, that is the best response. If you can get away, do it as fast as you can. If you can’t get away, try and hide. That doesn’t mean playing dead. Most likely the shooter knows who he or she shot. I’ve seen videos of shootings were people try and play dead, and the shooter just walks around shooting them either again or for the first time. Either way, it doesn’t end well for the one playing dead.

The shooters are there for their own delusional reasons to either hurt specific people or to hurt as many people as they can. Today everyone wants to one up the next person, so if they can shoot more people then the last, they think they accomplished something. It’s not something you can try and reason, it’s just something you don’t want to be a part of. 

Fighting back is obviously a last response, however, it may become your first and only response. As we have found on numerous occasions, sometimes the only way to stop the slaughter of innocent people is to be prepared to fight back with as much violence of action that makes it impossible for them to continue their siege. I’m not telling anyone to try and be a hero or to jump a grenade for someone else. If the opportunity presents itself, you may need to be mentally prepared to do something you probably never would wanted to do. It’s not a matter of wanting to hurt anyone else, but if it’s them or you, I hope you choose your own self preservation. The life you save will most likely be your own.


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