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Situational Awareness 101

Updated: May 8, 2019

Class is in session. Except this time you are not hiding among the masses in a crowded lecture hall with a monotone professor who wouldn't know you from an empty chair. This class is where you take hold of your place in this world and stop assuming you are invisible. Because you are not. According to the National Crime Victims' Rights Week 2015 Resource Guide 1 in 5 students will be the victim of a crime such as burglary (the largest percentage of on campus crime) followed closely by sexual assault (the second largest).

So, how do we help you fight the statistics? We train. Like anything else that your brain is capable of learning...we teach and you practice! So let's get started.

What the hell is situational awareness you ask? It is the ability to see what is going on around you and preparing your brain for what is possible. "The body can't go where the brain has never been!" I hate this saying *because the guys are always saying it), but it's the truth. If you haven't thought about the "what if" you are more likely to be taken by surprise and be less prepared to do anything about it.

Take a second and look around you right now. Where are the entrances and exits? Are you in a position to see danger coming? What if a "bad guy" wanted to enter the area you are currently in? Are you an easy target to be assaulted? What could you use nearby to protect yourself? Where are your belongings? Are you currently showing anything that gives away your name, address or other private information? Have you "checked in" on social media giving potential strangers access to your location? Our goal is not to make you paranoid. There are no conspiracy theories here. If you use these simple questions to plan the way you sit in a building, the way you post to social media and the way you carry yourself you will begin to reduce your chances a being just another statistic.

In future posts we will break these concepts (and a million other things) down one by one to train your brain to be more aware of the world around it.


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