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Tacticlip Hair Clips

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Like the “McGiver“ of hair clips this one just might come in handy in a pinch.

Survival means being ready for anything. Having a weapon at all times or at least something that can be used as a weapon can be useful. If a rapist wants to grab you because you are “his” type. Do you really want to be stuck defenseless?

That was hypothetical.

D1 Tactical provides items that can be useful in a bad situation and can also be carried easily without drawing any extra attention to ourselves. These hair clips can be carried or clipped on to just about anything. I like the fact that they are fairly sharp and could cause a lot of damage to someone who wasn’t expecting you to fight back.

Let's say the hypothetical rapist from earlier, found you walking back from class by yourself in an area he thought he could catch you unaware. Just by chance, you had the forethought to take the clip out of your hair to have it readily available in your hand. So when he comes up from behind and you see him coming, you already have a plan of attack when he grabs you.

He grabs you you around your arms and waist, thinking you can’t fight back because your arms are pinned at your side. About that time you reach up with the Tacticlip in your hand and you use the claw to dig into his arms. Then you throw your head back and split open his nose with the back of your head.

The hypothetical rapist screams in agony from the deep gouges in his arms and now his nose is gushing blood.

Now you have a choice... you can continue to inflict pain and damage to this guy by targeting vulnerable areas like the eyes, ears, throat, groin, or anything else he gets too close to you...or you can get away and get help to put this guy away for good.

Now without thinking about being in a situation like that it’s hard to think what you would and or could do.

This is what we want everyone to start doing, “think“ and be prepared for the unexpected. It may not ever happen to you...(we hope it never does!) but if it does, now you know you have options. Never chose to be a victim.

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