The objective of the SPECIAL TEAMS LINE D1 MEMBERSHIP BOX is to provide all TOP TIER items to help your child take their safety into their own hands with items that provide the HIGHEST LEVEL of protection. Items in these boxes include TOP TIER hand picked gear to help increase distance between your child and danger. However should the danger get too close, we are including items that allow your child to protect themselves in close proximity. Bulletproof or knife proof gear, specialty knives or sharp objects may be included. All boxes also include a 3-pack of SipChip drink testers, TOP TIER emergency first aid items and fun stress relieving items to have our members excited to open their next box. Items are sourced each month by law enforcement and education professionals to meet the needs of all college age students and faculty. Our free online lessons and product reviews can be found at


SPECIAL TEAMS LINE D1 MEMBERSHIP BOX includes: (images above represent what could be in the box...items change every month based on the recommendations of law enforcement and education professionals)

  • 4 - 7 TOP TIER personal safety gear items to help increase distance between your child and danger. These items may include lightweight bulletproof panels, specialty knives or other sharp items.
  • 3 SipChip Drink Testers with a phone case and keychain accessory
  • 1 or more TOP TIER Emergency / First Aid items
  • 4 - 6 TOP TIER items to relieve stress

SPECIAL TEAMS D1 Membership Box

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